About the Author - Sharon Savoy


Sharon Savoy is well known as a World Cabaret, Blackpool Exhibition and National Theatre Arts Champion and winner of  “Best Global Female Dancer“ Huading Awards, 2013.   Upon retiring from competition, Ms. Savoy published her first book, Ballroom!  Obsession and Passion inside the World of Competitive Dance with the University Press of Fla. in 2010.  (Sharonsavoy.com)



In 2011, I began the task of writing Sam Sodano’s biography.  After spending hours with the very candid Sam, I interviewed over 90 people, who added essential details, invaluable insights and memorable stories.

Sam’s multi-faceted career has shaped and is indelibly intertwined with the history of competitive ballroom dance in America. His life is remarkable, colorful and filled with both tragic and humorous situations.  It is quite a story.

Beyond all Sam’s successes, what stands out as most extraordinary is the consistent outpouring of love and admiration for this man- and no one more than that of his partner of 27 years, Bill Sparks.

I thank Bill and Sam for entrusting me with this very personal and special project. I wish for this book, Sam’s World, to be as entertaining and interesting to read, as it was to write.

Sharon Savoy