Bill Sparks Testimonial

Sam and Bill

For a long time . . .

   . . .  I had the vision and desire to share Sam Sodano’s story.  I felt his life and contributions were significant to the history of Ballroom Dance in America.

Sam Sodano has shaped Dancesport in America, first by his dancing, then by his extensive competitive events that continue to expand each decade, and third by his continuing quest to invent, reinvent, and create new opportunities for dance competitors – from amateurs to pros, and kids to seniors.

My personal life and professional career were forever altered after meeting Sam. He has been my mentor and partner for over 27 years.  I would not be where I am and who I am today without him.  This book was written as a testimony to Sam’s passion for Ballroom Dance, his devotion to Dancesport competition, and as a personal tribute and thank you from me.

Although Sam never felt this book was necessary, I am gratified that I never lost sight of my vision to see this project through to the finish line.  I’d like to thank the author, Sharon Savoy, for ingeniously weaving together all the facts, numerous interviews, and connecting to points in history to create a compelling story that reads like a movie.

Sam is and will always be an inspiration to me.  This book is a gift for Sam’s 75th birthday. I feel blessed to share his inimitable life with you.

Bill Sparks